Post Injury Rehabilitation

Our injury rehabilitation training goes beyond what physiotherapy can offer. We’ve had the pleasure of working with clients on rehabilitating many types of injuries such as soft tissue damage, back pain, spinal injuries, mechanical joint/muscle pain, recovering from surgery, motor vehicle accident injuries, sports related injuries, and more…

Our Kinesiologists and Nutritionists perform a thorough assessment and can work directly in correspondence with your family physician or specialists to monitor your progress and ensure that the right information is available to provide the most suitable solution. Each client comes in with a different injury and condition. Our job as professionals is to determine what the right course of action is and implement the right program accordingly.

For MVA claims (motor vehicle accidents), we can work directly with your insurance adjuster or case manager to provide you with the coverage you need for your Formula 4 Rehabilitation. 

If you’re dealing with a nagging injury, regardless of what the cause is (sports, fall, accident, wear & tear, or health related), we can help you work towards recovery the right way! We will guide you to a healthier, stronger, pain free life.