Posing Clinics

The Formula 4 Posing is our hands on coaching for physique competition posing and is open to all categories, at any level. Stage presence is a crucial part of every competition and has a great impact on your final placings. We can help you learn the proper way of displaying your physique and truly showing off all the hard work you have put in to create it. We can teach you how to emphasize your strengths and showcase your best angles for better overall response from both the judges and the audience. We can also work with you on choreographing the most engaging and entertaining posing routine that would allow you to make the most out of your competitive experience. Confidence is key in any competition, and you are always most confident when you are fully prepared! The Formula 4 Posing is carried out by 8x body building champion, Omar Ali who has earned multiple “Best Poser” awards in the competitive scene during his 17 years bodybuilding, coaching and training experience. Omar is very well known for his captivating stage presence, audience engagement, and passion for the sport of Bodybuilding.