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‘The Formula 4 Mamas’ is a group training program for mamas and women of all shapes and sizes. Our program will allow women to bring their children with them to our circuit style classes. It is a fun, safe, encouraging and friendly environment for women and children to get together, sweat, make friends and build communities. The Formula 4 Mamas empowers women to lead healthier lifestyles at any fitness level desired with their children by their side. CLICK HERE to purchase your Fit4Mamas sessions!

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 About the Owner,

Becky Janes had always been a very active person in sports growing up. She played soccer from the time she could walk and by the time she was in high school she was competing at provincial levels. With the birth of her children and the responsibilities as a mother, wife and business owner, the role exercise and sports played in her life withered. As a result she put herself and her health on the back burner. Her physical and mental health suffered and she began to feel resentment and depression from being home and not being able to be active with her children. Although she has a husband who was and still is very supportive, she had no friends who were also mothers, and with no support system her self esteem evaporated. She knew it was time for some life changes. She started to search online for fitness classes but all of them were at gyms which either prohibited children or which provided childcare for an additional fee. There was something about this circumstance which sparked her curiosity. What if there was a fitness service that encouraged mother’s to bring their children with them to a class that provided a fun, unique experience for moms and their children at no extra costs. She immediately knew this might be something mother’s like herself would value and love. She began to research what services were available locally. There were none with the specifics and dynamic that she was looking for. This would be an opportunity that could change both her life and the lives of others. She realized she could do this herself, but believed forming a business alliance with a successfully established fitness center might create the proper foundation.
She looked at various fitness centres and Formula 4 Fitness stood out as an excellent potential partner. Operating as an independent centre with high standards of client service, safety and with a reputation for high quality coaching, fitness program development and implementation, Formula 4 Fitness seemed to be a good fit for the quality and values that would form the foundation of her venture. After several meetings with Omar Ali, the owner of Formula 4 Fitness, they shaped the concept of the new business to be called 'The Formula 4 Mamas'!  


For more information, please contact Becky Janes directly by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Or by phone at 506-608-2085