Omar Ali’s passion and Nineteen years of experience in health & fitness led him to create a unique business model. Formula 4 Fitness is the ultimate health & fitness franchise system that truly cares about the success of its clients. It provides the opportunity to others who share the same passion of helping people and promoting health & fitness.

Do you believe in Quality? Do you want to be in the most rewarding industry and truly make a difference? Do you want to take part in something real? Do you want to have a purpose in life and give people the gift of health? Become a Formula 4 Fitness franchisee and give your community something REAL! A business that will truly give people their health back!

Here’s How:

Formula 4 Fitness is a largely ‘Turn-Key’ franchise opportunity that is fully supported by Formula 4 Fitness’ Head Office in Fredericton, NB. We have created a system that makes it easy for both the clients and staff of Formula 4 Fitness. We will provide the following:

  • Property/Facility set up: We have a specific theme and facility set up that has proven very attractive and unique. We will assist in finding a location and provide detailed floor plans for the necessary improvements/renovations to keep the consistency of the Formula 4 Fitness theme.
  • Operation: Our head office team provides continuous support, monitoring and guidance to ensure effective business management.
  • Training: To ensure that Formula 4 Fitness service standards are met, we train our franchisees and their staff on an ongoing basis. We believe our proven Formula 4 Fitness methods and systems will make day-to-day operations easy for our franchisees and help them deliver the highest quality service and results.
  • Equipment/Materials: At Formula 4 Fitness, we pride ourselves with having specific state of the art equipment that allow for training to Formula 4 Fitness standards.
  • Marketing: Formula 4 Fitness is an established award-winning private health & fitness club with a good reputation in its existing market, including good web visibility, social media following and a complete marketing strategy and marketing materials. All franchises will have access to our marketing team to help promote the Formula 4 Fitness brand.
  • Point of Sale systems: Our point of sale systems as well as virtual terminals make it easy for our franchisees to bill clients. We also provide great rates on transactions and a secure web based billing system.
  • The Assessment: Our assessment process is unique to Formula 4 Fitness and allows us to prescribe the right ‘Formula’ to each individual client. The ‘Formula’ consists of customized training/nutrition programs packaged together in addition to hours of service and coaching.
  • Training/Nutrition systems: Set templates and specific training/nutrition systems are THE Formula 4 Fitness. Franchisees are trained on all systems and are provided with updates from head office on a regular basis.
  • Policy & Procedures: Formula 4 Fitness recognizes the importance of having a safe, healthy and dynamic work place. We put together a Policy & Procedures manual for all franchises to set the standard of practice and to provide a healthy, supportive and productive work environment.
  • Formula4 Fitness Nutritional Supplements: Complimentary to our services, our supplements store provides a full line of high quality Formula 4 Fitness supplements for the convenience of our clients and optimum results.
  • Formula4 Fitness Merchandise: A very unique, high quality and cost effective line of Formula4 gear is made available through our stores!

A great opportunity is one that allows the franchisee to practice what they are truly passionate about, which in our case, is health & fitness and not have to focus solely on the challenges that are associated with starting a business. We have built an award-winning business model with over 19 years of experience and we believe we have perfected the ‘Formula’.

Email Omar Ali directly to find out if Formula 4 Fitness Franchising is right for you!