Omar Ali is the Founder and President of Formula 4 Fitness and OFC Inc. Omar is a Kinesiologist, an ISSA Master Trainer and CSNN Nutritionist. He moved from Dubai to Canada in 2001 at the age of 18 to pursue his undergraduate studies at UNB where he attained a double major in Civil Engineering and Kinesiology.

Omar’s passion for health & fitness began at an early age due to growing up in a health conscious family with both parents being university professors, and a father who was also a professional bodybuilder. Omar learned about in-depth training techniques and nutrition methods from his dad and his competitive circle, which lead him to be a very versatile athlete, trainer, and coach.¬†

Prior to starting his successful competitive bodybuilding journey at the age of 17, Omar was a high level soccer player and also won a national gold medal in TaeKwonDo in Dubai at the age of 16. Omar’s first bodybuilding competition was at the age of 19 where he obtained a first place finish, and went on to win 8 more bodybuilding championships since then. He has had the pleasure of competing in 15 different events in total so far both in Canada and abroad.

Upon winning his first bodybuilding competition, Omar also obtained his first personal training certification and began gaining experience as a Trainer while attending University. His continued education, extensive knowledge, and earned experience eventually¬† landed him the opportunity as the ‘Fitness Manager’ for a former gym chain in Atlantic Canada.

In 2009, Omar realized that his purpose in life is to help people in leading them to better health, so he decided to make the commitment to his passion and created a business model that is designed to change the lives of its’ clients and empower them to achieve a better quality of life. OFC Inc and Formula 4 Fitness officially opened its’ first location in Peppercreek, Fredericton in April of 2010, and has achieved great success over the years. Omar and Formula 4 Fitness have won SEVEN business awards in total so far from various organizations since inception, and has changed the lives of thousands of clients worldwide.