Growing up in a household where your father is a professional bodybuilder has such an impact on a person and instills a passion for health and fitness from a very young age. This is the case for me. I began taking an interest in sports very early and discovered that I excelled at both Tae Kwon Do as well as Soccer. At the age of sixteen I represented my home country of Dubai, UAE at the Nationals for Tae Kwon Do with a first place, gold medal finish in my division.

In 2001 I moved from Dubai to Saint John, NB to start my university studies at UNB where I graduated in 2008 with Bachelor of Engineering degree and a Kinesiology degree. I worked in Edmonton, Alberta for close to one year when I realized that being an Engineer was simply not for me. Having worked my way through university as an independent personal trainer from the age of eighteen, watching my own father train and compete in bodybuilding competitions as well as attaining my ISSA Master Trainer certification, being certified with the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and my Kinesiology degree gave me the knowledge, experience, passion, drive and ability to take a huge step in my career and open my very own business in 2009. Thus, Formula 4 Fitness was born. My business allows me to practice what I am truly passionate about. It is extremely rewarding to transform lives and make a positive difference in people!

Watching my dad prepare and train for his bodybuilding competitions peaked my interest and I began bodybuilding when I was seventeen years old and I competed in my very first competition when I was nineteen where I won first place in my division. I have since won 8 other bodybuilding titles both in Canada and back home in Dubai. I continue to be involved in the bodybuilding scene as both a competitor and a coach. I am proud to be a CPA national heavy weight bodybuilder and the Founder of Formula 4 Fitness!